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Ambassador Questions


How do I earn store credit to The Bohemian Shop?

Ambassadors earn Store Credit to The Bohemian Shop two different ways. First, you can share your Coupon Code on Social Media to our store. Anytime someone orders an item using this code, you will receive a percentage of that sale in store credit to The Bohemian Shop.

Second, you can share your ambassador link and anytime someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking the link, you will receive store credit.

Most ambassadors share their Coupon Codes & Links on their social media accounts, as it helps them earn the most store credit!


What percentage discount is my unique Coupon Code?

The unique Coupon Code you get when signing up to be an ambassador is 15% OFF. This means anyone you share your coupon code with will receive 15% OFF their order! 

How do I access my Ambassador Account to see how many people have used my Coupon Code/Referral Link?


Click here to sign into your Ambassador Account.


What percentage commission do I receive for referring an order?

All Ambassadors are paid 5% in store credit of each order they refer. For example, if you refer an order that was $140, you would receive $7 in store credit to your account.

How am I paid?

All commission is paid in store credit. You will receive a Gift Card to The Bohemian Shop with your store credit, where you can then checkout using your Gift Card at checkout to either receive a discount or free order depending on how much store credit you have earned. 


When will I be paid my store credit?

When you have enough store credit where you want to receive a Gift Card, you just email us and let us know and we'll generate a Gift Card for you to use. Orders must be 30+ days old to receive a store credit payout, as we have to give a window for cancelled/returned orders.

Are cancelled/return orders credited?

No, orders that have either been cancelled or returned do not receive commission.


How do I share my Coupon Code/Link?

We recommend sharing it on your social media accounts with your friends and family! This will earn you the most store credit.


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